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Owners of wooden boats or yachts realize that a well maintained vessel retains its value and beauty as it becomes more unique with each passing year. Unlike modern yachts of similar size, (usually fiberglass), wooden yachts that are well maintained have a high resale value.

So there is no getting around it wooden boats require regular and proper maintenance.

Delaying can result in a minor problem becoming an expensive repair.

Maintenance of paint and varnish finishes ensures that wood is protected and irregularities are dealt with before major repairs are required. Leaking decks or windows need immediate attention to prevent further damage and rot.

Hand lettering; gilding or gold leafing of transoms adds to the classic beauty and lines of a wooden boat.

So whether your wooden boat is a 10' runabout or a 100' yacht, you'll want the services of a specialist. San Francisco Bay Area has such a specialist, Rick Bruser, with 30 years experience from boat yards to marinas; from major restoration to maintenance.


For information contact Rick at: 510-776-5431 or email rick@boatsandart.com

Boat work

Varnish and woodwork.

Lettering work

With the advent of vinyl letters, hand painting demand has diminished most of these are gold leaf jobs on wood, buried in many coats of varnish.

Art work

Glue chipped glass, this is an interesting and complex process. Basically, the glass is etched, either by acid or sandblasting, and glue is applied to the etched surface. As the glue dries, it shrinks, breaking out chips of glass with it. The effect resembles frozen patterns on cold glass. It can be left clear or gilded. This chipped glass is made in my own shapes and images and mirrors can also be chipped.